Soft Dorothy

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Here is John Calhoun’s current website, Soft Dorothy, with info on the modern resurrection of Glider, along with info on other projects John is working on.

His old website is HERE, with links to some of the old versions.

Glider Pro Online Game

Now you can play Glider Pro online at You will find the game


Alex Diener's GliderPro Archive

This website hosts an archive of Glider PRO houses and information. It is the largest known repository of Glider PRO files on the Internet. This section is mainly kept for archival purposes; Alex no longer has much personal interest in Glider PRO, but he continues to host this file archive, and still accepts new submissions to it. Read More...

Glider Pro Online

Glider Pro Online is meant to be a complete directory of online Glider PRO links and resources. It includes many original Glider-related works, as well as those by other people — and what isn't included on the site itself can be found by following a link to another site. Read More...


A very informative wikipedia entry for Glider Pro.