Glider Is Back!

Glider fans, rejoice! The Macintosh classic is back and it has been re-imagined for the Mac, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad!

Glider PRO

by John Calhoun

I think Glider was the quintessential Macintosh game. There's nothing about the game that would have made it impossible for it to be ported to Windows — but I don't think it would've felt right anywhere else. It was too much a part of the Mac culture. ~ Chris Klimas

Glider was first created by John Calhoun in 1988. It is a simple arcade game where you control a paper airplane. You have to steer it through 15 rooms of a house without hitting the floor or furniture. Other dangers are candles, electric outlets, little helicopters, and cats.

Your control is limited to whether the plane is supposed to fly right or left. Upward movement comes from vents distributed across the house. As soon as you hit anything, you lose one plane and have to restart the room you are just in. Sometimes there is a vent in the ceiling, if you fly through this you get back to the first room.

At first I thought this game was simply too hard to be any fun. That was until I found out how configurable it is. You can choose between glider and dart; these are just two different paper planes, and the dart is a whole lot easier. You can choose how many planes ("lives") you have, between one and six. And you can even choose in which room you want to start, so you can experience all the rooms even if you cannot play that long.

Casady & Greene closed down in 2003, and John Calhoun consequently decided to release all versions (as he explicitely states on his site) of Glider as freeware at that time.

Finally, at long last, new versions of the game are available for all modern Mac and iDevice platforms, for just 99¢. Thanks John!

Jump into your Glider and take off in the paper airplane ride of your life! Fly within a labyrinth of rooms or discover pathways outside to the skies above or caverns below the ground. Amazing graphics, eerie sound effects and a complete musical score! Watch for the QuickTime movies that pop up when you least expect them.
Current Versions